Charitable Tax Receipt Guidelines

Since inception, the Ottawa Senators Foundation, together with the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, alumni, corporate partners, and fans have raised and dedicated more than $70 million in support to a variety of community initiatives. To ensure we can continue to give back to hockey country it is important we follow the rules and regulations set out by the Canada Revenue Agency when issuing tax receipts.

In planning your event, please ask yourself if receiving a charitable tax receipt will add value to the participants of the event?

If the answer is NO, you will be saving yourself and the Sens Foundation considerable time and money. The Sens Foundation will always send a thank you note to acknowledge a contribution regardless if there is a tax receipt component.

If the answer is YES, please note there are many details regarding documentation and other regulations that must be addressed with a representative from the Sens Foundation BEFORE you can make any commitment to your donors for tax receipts.

Once you have reviewed the following situations of when we will, and will not, issue charitable tax receipts, please contact a Sens Foundation representative at 613-599-0223 to discuss your needs.

We WILL PROVIDE tax receipts to your event participants if you ensure:

  • the community event application form and guidelines for hosting a community event form have been submitted and approved by a Ottawa Senators Foundation representative
  • all required information for providing charitable tax receipts is completed on our tax receipt data file and submitted with all funds within 60 days of event completion
  • all copies of pledge forms and pledged funds are submitted within 60 days of event completion
  • we are providing tax receipts to the person who made the donation

We WILL NOT PROVIDE charitable tax receipts to:

  • donors who provide gifts-in-kind items for use at the event
  • corporations or individuals who provide sponsorship dollars to the event in exchange for benefits like recognition, advertising, discounted or free entrance/registration/ticket fees, etc.
  • corporations or individuals who purchase an item at an auction
  • corporations or individuals who purchase the opportunity to win and items in a raffle, lottery, draw, etc.