Plane Pull Challenge Rules

Plane Pull Challenge

Plane Pull Challenge Rules

Team members will line up adjacent to the pull rope which is secured to the aircraft. When instructed by the referee, participants will create tension on the rope and prepare to pull. The team starts pulling at the sound of the horn and the timer will be activated. Participants will pull the aircraft 12 feet (3,5 metres). After the required distance has been covered, the timer will be stopped and the elapsed time will be recorded as the team’s score.

Medals will be awarded to the three fastest teams, and the Plane Pull Cup will also be awarded to the winning team.

Team captain must present signed waivers with team sign up sheet prior to event.

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Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Plane Pull line at
613-248-2027 or email us

Forms to Download

On behalf of Ottawa Airport Authority’s Project Clear Skies and the Sens Foundation, thank you for participating in this event! All proceeds will be channeled to worthy causes within our community.