The Dancing in the Rain for Roger’s House gift program goal is to raise urgently needed additional funds for Roger’s House. Supporters of this campaign will be helping children and their families served by the house by addressing the urgently required need to: 

  • Keep up with the growing operating costs resulting from increased acuity rates

Operating Roger’s House come rain or shine
In 2005, the Sens Foundation made a 15-year commitment to cover a portion of the annual operating budget for the house. At the time, the commitment covered 10 percent of the house’s budget. As of 2012, the Sens Foundation is now providing 25 percent of the operating funds.

  • Turn the unfinished basement into a fully functional space

The safest place during the storm is in the basement
Finishing the basement at Roger’s House would greatly enhance the care provided at the house through a dedicated recreation room for families and especially youth, a professional staff and volunteer training area, secure storage, and a fully functionally workshop for maintenance volunteers.

  • Provide 100 days of care to western Quebec children and their families

Western Quebec families caught in the storm
Currently children and youth from Quebec being served by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) are not eligible to receive services from Roger’s House because there is not an interprovincial agreement in place that governs hospice services. Roger’s House wants to ensure in can provide 100 days of care per year to the children and youth of western Quebec.

Saving for a rainy day
No one can predict what the future will bring, which is why an endowment fund is critically important to an organization’s sustainability, future financial stability and growth, solidifying and diversifying available resources for the long-term.