Generous donors united for another successful year!

The 11th edition of Tremblant's 24h of skiing and 24h NRJ walk raised collectively $1,832,169.92 to the delight of children, families, beneficiary foundations and thousands of spectators.

To the delight of children, families, beneficiary foundations and thousands of spectators, the 2011 edition of Tremblant’s 24h of Skiing is another success. The event, which attracted a large number of participants for its 11th edition of Tremblant's 24h of skiing and its 4th edition of the 24h NRJ Walk raised collectively $1,832,200. Since its first edition in 2001, the Tremblant’s 24h of Sking has cumulated a total of $ 9,969,684.

"Every year Tremblant’s 24h of Skiing has its share or organizational challenges, weather changes are the perfect example. But the children’s courage reminds us that nothing is impossible! Fortunately we can count on the public for its loyalty, which helps us raise bigger amounts year after year for children in need", says Simon St-Arnaud, producer of the Tremblant’s 24h of Skiing.

Thanks to the hard work of Station Mont Tremblant’s snowmaking team, the conditions offered to skiers were above expectations. Tremblant’s 24h of Skiing got the upper hand and the winter season is well on its way!

This grand traditional event brings together some 1,800 participants in 200 teams. Their involvement in the event along with 30,000 donors, partners and volunteers showed their immense generosity. Donations will be awarded to four beneficiaries: The Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau, the Sens Foundation, Fondation Martin-Matte and Fondation Tremblant.

Volkswagen Canada, Volkswagen Finance as well as PALM+HAVAS are proud to have raised a total amount of $90,000 and are happy to have participated in making a difference in childrens’ lives. Together, we can make 24 hours last a lifetime. For its 7th participating year, TELUS has raised $88,200 for the 24h of Tremblant. In support of its philosophy to give where we live, the 24h is the ideal event to get involved in and help make a difference in the lives of children. For its second consecutive year of participation, Manulife is proud of its 50 employees and financial advisors who passionately hit the slopes for the cause.

Tremblant’s 24h event has witnessed a touching moment, full of hope: 24h Kids’ First Tracks. Introduced for the first time, it allowed a group of children from the beneficiary foundations to explore the mountain and winter sports. The testimony of participating children confirmed the relevance of such an initiative which will certainly be back for future editions. Among the highlights, the opening show with Anodajay, Plaster and Random Recipe at the mountain top to start a memorable festive weekend. We cannot ignore for a second consecutive year the great outdoor concert orchestrated by David Lafleche and featuring Yann Perreau, Catherine Major, Too Many Cooks, Jonathan Roy, Anodajay, Ian Kelly, Jimmy Hunt, Mario Tessier, Caracol and Martin Deschamps. The atmosphere was electrifying and the public was screaming for more. At Restaurant Le Shack, the comedians François Massicotte, Jean-Thomas Jobin, Geneviève Gagnon and Cathy Gauthier, gave some funny stand-up performances that really pleased the crowd.

"The weekend of the 24h of Tremblant creates lasting memories for families and children for whom the event has great meaning. The development of research and social programs aimed at improving children`s quality of life, is possible due to our generous participants and partners, for which we thank them warmly", says Patrice Malo, President, Station Mont Tremblant.

Check out the 24h Tremblant Ottawa launch video:.