Georgina Neville's "Richness is" Moment

Thousands of Sens fans got on their feet at Scotiabank Place—not for the hockey players, but for Sens fan Georgina Neville.

Neville takes care of her two severely disabled children, Christopher and Gillian and volunteers at Roger’s House while her husband, Shawn, serves in Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces.

Shawn told that story in a video played on the big screen during the first intermission of the game. As cameras clicked and filmed her, she smiled and put her head in her hands.

“It’s my life,” she said afterwards. “It’s heartwarming to see my babies up there.”

Georgina was a little too overwhelmed to notice the thousands of fans stand up and cheer for her as the video ended—but her husband did.

“It was great,” he said. “She deserves it.”

Shawn spent the past week and a half staying up nights emailing photos of her and the family for the video while she was sleeping. Apparently he didn’t have a perfect poker face, but he didn’t give it away.

“I thought something was up, but I didn’t think it was this,” she said.

It’s part of a Scotiabank charity initiative called The Richnessness Project. For every Canadian who submits a photo that illustrates the richness of their life, Scotiabank will donate $1 dollar to a charity.  Roger’s House is among the 18 selected charities. Your moment could be featured in a Scotiabank ad. Richness is everywhere. Create and share your richness moment today for Roger’s House.

For the Neville’s video the bank donated $10,000 to Rogers House.

For more info on the Richness Project, go to

“The Richness Project” from Scotiabank is a social media experiment aiming to raise money for 18 different charities in exchange for submissions from Canadians willing to explain what they think “being rich” is all about.

Launched as part of the bank’s ongoing “You’re Richer Than You Think” brand platform. The new campaign shows richness can be defined by the customer’s stage in life – having a baby, retiring, striking out on your own or paying off your mortgage. The message of the campaign is you define richness. Scotiabank can help with the money part.

Those who visit can submit a photo or video of what illustrates a ‘richness moment’ to them through the bank’s Facebook channel. For every person who shares their photo or video, one dollar will be donated to one of the 18 featured charities as chosen by the user.