Walk, Roll & Run - A note from Chris & Cait

Roger's House honourary chairs Chris & Caitlin NeilIn a perfect world, the words pediatric and palliative would never be used in the same sentence. Sadly, there are hundreds of children in eastern Ontario and western Quebec now challenged by a life-limiting illness. As the parents of three healthy children, we cannot begin to imagine how incredibly difficult this must be.

That’s why we were humbled and strongly motivated to become the honourary chairs of Roger’s House when asked last year and to get involved in raising funds for this amazing children’s hospice named in honour of a truly remarkable man, Roger Neilson. We saw it as our way to celebrate Roger’s legacy, and really help these courageous children and their families. How Roger’s House is able to provide the high level of care it does is due in no small measure to the on-going support of our generous community to events such as the up-coming Scotiabank Walk, Roll and Run for Roger’s House. Over the years, funds raised through this family focused event, put on by the Sens Foundation, have made possible additional services, programs and activities at Roger’s House that would just not be possible otherwise. Please accept our personal thanks for your past support of Roger’s House.

On Sunday, June 16, we will be out alongside the members of this year’s Roger’s Dream Team and hundreds of other family members, participating in the Walk Roll and Run for Roger’s House.

Please take a minute today and pledge us your support. The words pediatric and palliative shouldn’t appear in the same sentence. As one of the volunteers at Roger’s House was once quoted as saying, “We may not be able to change the destination, but we can make the journey a little bit easier.” Thank you in advance for helping to make the journey for these courageous children a little bit easier. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Caitlin & Chris Neil (Sens #25)
Honorary Chairs
Roger’s House