Walk, Roll & Run Fundraising Tips & Rewards Matrix

Fundraising Tips

Tips for Top Fundraising Success

  • Start early.
  • Begin with the people you know will offer a donation. This will ensure success on your first day of fundraising and will boost your confidence for the more difficult asks.
  • Ask everyone-no pledge is too small and every little bit helps.
  • Always reciprocate. If you bought chocolates to support a friend's child's school program, they can sponsor you!
  • Ask for an increase over their previous donation.
  • Take your pledge materials everywhere you go. You never know who you will meet.
  • If you've registered online, e-mail everyone in your address book requesting a donation.
  • Always thank people for their pledge and inform them as to how their donation helps.

Here's an easy way to raise $500:

What to Do?
Sponsor yourself $25. (You want to get off to a good start :D )
Ask 2 family members to sponsor you $20
Ask 10 friends to contribute $20
Hit up your Facebook friends & Twitter followers for $5
Ask 5 e-mail contacts to sponsor you $10
Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50


Rewards Matrix




Superb Supporter $40-$99 United in Red bumper sticker
Retro sunglasses
Travel Poncho
Committed Collector $100-$249 USB auto adapter
Sens Army rally wig
Amazing Achiever $250-$499 Sens Foundation beach ball
$25 Rideau Centre gift card
Marvelous Moneymaker $500-$999 Roger's House water bottle
Sunscreen 2Go
Spectacular Solicitor $1000-$1499 Senators pen in case
Microfibre sport towel
Fantastic Fundraiser $1500-$2499 Sens t-shirt
Pair of pre-season (suite) tickets
Perfect Participant $2500+ Mini First Aid kit
Your choice of ONE of the following:
One foursome at a local Clublink golf course
One Night stay at the Brookstreet Hotel
One ticket to the Ferguslea Sens Soiree (Date TBD)