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50/50 – Ottawa Senators Foundation Lottery

Traditional 50/50 raffle draws at Ottawa Senators home games have gone high tech. We will now be using electronic handheld mobile devices at Ottawa Senators home games to sell and record each 50/50 transaction.

What does that mean for Senators Fans? We’re so glad you asked. In addition to enhanced community contributions, enhancements to the Ottawa Senators Foundation 50/50 program will offer:

Ottawa Senators Foundation 50/50 Rules of the Game:

  • Raffle Tickets are 3 for $5 , 10 for $10 or 40 for $20.
  • Must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • Raffle Ticket sales are at all Ottawa Senators games at Canadian Tire Centre.
  • Raffle Tickets are sold from the time the doors open to the end of the second intermission by Ottawa Senators Foundation staff on the concourse, and in the suites.
  • The draw is done at the start of the third period. A winning number is randomly selected based on the number of tickets sold.
  • The winner must present their signed winning ticket along with 2 forms of identification within 6 months to claim their prize.
  • The winning ticket cannot be tampered with (we reserve the right to deny winning if the ticket has been reproduced or changed from original state.)
  • Payment of the prize is made by cheque that will be provided a minimum of one week from the game date. Q: Does this mean a week from the event or more than a week from the event?
  • Winning number and estimated prize amount will be posted on the Ottawa Senators Foundation Website
  • The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 raffle at Ottawa Senators home games: 50/50 contractors and employees and of the Ottawa Senators Foundation and members of its Board of Directors.
  • Play Responsibly
    Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Lottery Licence # 8380

All rules that are in effect describing who can purchase a 50/50 Raffle ticket with cash will apply to those purchasing with a credit/debit card with the following additions

  • Purchaser must use the physical credit/debit card. Entering card numbers into payment device will not be accepted.
  • Maximum of $1,000 work of raffle tickets may be purchased.
  • No “cash advances” or “cash back” under any circumstance.
  • 50/50 staff has the right to ask for ID from a customer, to be compared to the credit/debit card using to purchase the raffle tickets.
  • Customer must be given the option to retain a copy of the receipt for their transaction.
  • 50/50 seller must retain the “Merchant Copy” of approved receipt for each credit/debit transaction made with their assigned payment device.
  • “Merchant Copy” of receipt will act as a voucher for the equal denomination in raffle tickets.
  • Approved merchant receipt must be obtained prior to giving the purchaser the raffle tickets.
  • No refunds are to be issued, with the exception of an error made by the 50/50 staff member performing the sale transaction.
  • Any refunds bust be completed and recorded by a Supervisor or full-time OSF staff member.
  • In the case of an electronic payment device not being available during the sales period, staff member must put up a “cash only” sign at their location.
  • Staff members are entitled to retain credit/debit cards upon request of the payment device.
  • Each payment device must be checked prior to deployment that all prior funds have been closed from any prior use.
  • Each payment device must have a detail report printed and its batch funds closed after the completion of each draw.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation promotes responsible gaming at all times. If you are looking for help or advice about problem gambling please visit or contact:

Ontario Problem Gambling Help Line
Free Health Services Information

 Winning Numbers

Game DateOppositionWinning NumberTotal JackpotPrize Claimed
04/02/17JUNO Awards568557$8,907Yes
03/24/17Binghamton vs Toronto605096$4,202.50Yes
03/23/17Pittsburgh 302030$30,445Yes
03/06/17Boston 920977$26,692Yes
03/04/17Blue Jackets604038$25,377Yes
02/ 14/17Sabres230186$18,707Yes
02/07/17St Louis778216$16,347Yes
01/24/17Washington 864393$20,065Yes
01/22/17Columbus 609371$18,625Yes
01/08/17Edmonton 254489$26,010Yes
12/22/16Anaheim 948708$21,047Yes
12/17/16New Jersey923474$16,172Yes
12/14/16San Jose718370$19,185Yes
12/01/16Philadelphia 635438$16,837Yes
11/26/ 16Carolina291517$19,527Yes
11/11/16Los Angeles719092$18,037Yes
11/05/16Buffalo Sabres549202$21,080Yes
11/03/16Vancouver Canucks397267$16,715Yes
11/01/16Carolina Hurricanes925731$14,295Yes
10/22/16Tampa Bay Lightning171234$19,442Yes
10/18/16Arizona Coyotes184041$12,050Yes
10/15/16Montreal Canadiens851992$27,832Yes
10/12/16Toronto Maple Leafs772334$21,112Yes
10/07/16Buffalo Sabres539856$8,197Yes
10/01/16Montreal Canadiens796103$12,017Yes
09/10/16Team Canada vs Team USA415185$19,667Yes

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