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WebGiv Online Shopping App

The Ottawa Senators Foundation and WebGiv have announced a new and unique fundraising initiative for online shoppers.

This new initiative will donate money on behalf of online shoppers to the Ottawa Senators Foundation, at no additional cost to the user, by simply using the WebGiv app that can be installed into your browser. While shopping at any of WebGiv’s 25,000 affiliated online retailers, the end user will not be asked for any personal information, or additional funds. Working together with the online retailer, WebGiv is going to make a donation on their behalf as a result of the customer using the app.

WebGiv makes it possible to help charities through three different ways. Charities using the WebGive app to their supporters directly. Corporations promoting charities through the WebGiv app. and, individuals using the WebGiv app to support the charity of their choice. WebGiv’s client motto is “donating that does not cost anyone anything.”

With only 3 simple clicks we will start donating on your behalf to the Ottawa Senators Foundation

We have partnered with more than 25,000 retailers and everytime you shop online with one of those companies a percentage of your purchase will be given to the Ottawa Senators Foundation. NO PERSONAL DATA IS COLLECTED AND YOUR DONATION DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING….NO ADDITIONAL FEES, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!

CLICK 1: By clicking on the link below you will be taken to the Google Web Store where the Sens Foundation extension is available to you. OTTAWA SENATORS FOUNDATION EXTENSION

CLICK 2: Click “ADD TO CHROME to install the Foundation’s extension

CLICK 3: Click confirmation “ADD EXTENSION” and you are ready to start donating.

About WebGiv

WebGivTM is a simple yet powerful set of online tools that allow charities and nonprofit organizations to harness the spending power of their supporters. Raise money for charity by shopping online, it’s that simple!

WebGiv has partnered with over 25,000 retailers. Once you installed the extension through three simple clicks, look for the charity icon next to your search results, make a purchase and a donation will be made on your behalf (at no additonal cost). WebGiv also promises you will never be tracked nor will it ever collect your personal data.

WebGiv: donating that doesn’t cost anyone anything.

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