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Ottawa Senators Foundation partners with City of Gatineau to construct five SENS RINK projects in western Quebec

photo 1.JPGOTTAWA - The Ottawa Senators Foundation (@sensfoundation) and City of Gatineau (@ville_gatineau) officially joined forces earlier today to announce a partnership aimed at the eventual construction of five Sens RINKs (Patinoire Sénateurs) in four sectors in Gatineau within the next five years.

In conjunction with Ottawa Senators president Cyril Leeder, City of Gatineau mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin announced the project following a successful vote at Gatineau City Hall earlier this afternoon.

"Today's council vote and subsequent partnership announcement signifies an important liaison between our club, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and the City of Gatineau," said Leeder. "As part of our pledge to build 20 recreational facilities throughout the region, we're delighted that the result of today's vote will see us bring five Sens RINK Projects to Gatineau. These projects continue to demonstrate a mutual desire to  promote physical activity and social development while very much representing a win for the City of Gatineau, the Senators and our fans."

The Ottawa Senators Foundation and Ottawa Senators have long-desired to expand the Sens RINK project and market reach into western Quebec. The opportunity to build five outdoor recreational facilities for the region’s youth will further the foundation’s mandate of providing all local children with access to social recreation and educational programs & activities.

“This newly formed parternship with the Ottawa Senators Foundation will greatly contribute to the City of Gatineau’s quest to offer outdoor skating opportunities to children throughout the region,” said Mayor Pedneaud-Jobin. “This is nothing short of great news for all Gatineau residents, several of whom will benefit first-hand from these new infrastructures. We’re excited to announce that the first of the four sector RINKs will be available for use as early as next winter. Additionally, I’d be remiss in failing to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Ottawa Senators Foundation with whom we’re excited to collaborate on this venture while looking ahead to enriched outdoor active living for residents in our communities.”

The rinks will be implemented over the next five years in the following areas:

  • Aylmer Sector  (Parc Central/Cœur du village urbain du Plateau – 2015)
  • Hull Sector (Parc Fontaine – 2017)
  • Gatineau Sector (Parc Gilbert-Garneau – 2014; Parc Saint-Gérard – 2018)
  • Buckingham and Masson-Angers Sector (Parc to be determined – 2016)

The selection process was guided by extensive research based on the evaluation of criteria such as traffic, the community’s overall profile and locations of neighbourhood parks in close proximity to schools.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation remains committed to building 20 outdoor rinks in neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding regions. The projects include the installation of hockey dasher boards, fencing, hockey nets in the winter and lacrosse and/or basketball nets in the summer. The outdoor recreational spaces offer skating and hockey clinics as well as summer activity programs for hundreds of children and youth.

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