Did You Know
that one out of every two
people living in our
region have benefitted
in some way from
our charitable &
community efforts?


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A Community Club

Engaging fans, meeting children and families and supporting events that focus on improving lives in our community is paramount to the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club and Foundation.
“Success isn’t measured by wins and losses alone. Being active in the community, giving back and consistently striving to make the National Capital Region a better place to live, work and play is our daily goal.”

Cyril Leeder - President

Ottawa Senators Hockey Club

Social Arena

Did You Know
that one in five local
kids don’t have
access to after-school
sports, recreation
or social programs?
The Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, its Foundation, players and alumni are committed to becoming the #1 community club in the National Hockey League. It’s our goal to make the National Capital Region a better place to live, work and play.
Thank you
for your continued support of our team both on and off the ice.
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