Did you know that more than one in five local kids don’t have access to after-school sports, recreation or social programs? The Ottawa Senators Foundation has made a commitment to change this statistic by investing in facilities and programs designed to reach this group.

Sens Rink Program


Sens RINK Program

Lack of physical activity among Canadian children and youth is at crisis proportions. A child’s overall physical activity level is linked to physical and mental health, maintenance of a healthy body weight, academic performance, motor skill development, and physical literacy.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club have committed to build 20 SENS RINKS giving children and families access to year-round activities including hockey, skating, ball hockey, basketball, lacrosse in addition to community activities of all kinds. These outdoor recreational facilities will provide easily accessible recreation and sport opportunities for communities within Ottawa, Gatineau and other areas across the region.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation’s SENS RINKS program will enable hundreds of kids and families to have a place in their community to get active, establish healthy routines and provide access to programs and activities that otherwise would have been out of reach.

Sens Sports and Leadership League


Sens Sports and Leadership League

With the objective of self-development through constructive group activity, the Sens Sports and Leadership League provides Boys & Girls Club members immersion in social activity, education, teamwork and leadership.

The Sens Sports and Leadership League features:  

  • Ottawa’s only no-fee, year-round competitive athletic league.
  • Free transportation for participants to and from games – transportation is a major barrier to lower income families participating in organized sports.
  • More than 880 members from 18 neighbourhoods will participate in up to four sports with each season lasting approximately 15 games, resulting in 12,500 person games played.
  • Members participate in four sports: Ball hockey, basketball, soccer and “Walk This Way”, a walking program that allows participants to log their miles while walking to landmarks throughout the city.

I Love to Skate


I Love to Skate

In partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the City of Ottawa the I Love to Skate Program aids communities where children may encounter barriers to physical activity opportunities due to financial constraints or a lack of volunteer support in the community.

The program is free of charge, ice skates and hockey helmets along with four weeks of recreational skating lessons at several of the City’s 244 outdoor rinks. This year, more than 500 children, aged six to 12 years, from 31 local neighborhoods participated in the I Love to Skate program.

Since partnering in 2010, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and city of Ottawa have assisted more than 1,700 children receive skates, helmet and skating lessons through the I Love to Skate program.

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Sens Play to the Max


Sens Play to the Max

Despite the wealth of our region, thousands of children and youth can’t afford to take part in sports and recreation.  One in three in some neighbourhoods of Ottawa live in poverty.

The Max Keeping Foundation – in partnership with the Ottawa Senators Foundation - would like to even the playing field. Working with other organizations across the region to identify needy families in low income neighbourhoods, the Sens Play to the Max program provides grants up to $500 to ensure economically disadvantaged children and youth can access sports and recreation like hockey, soccer, basketball, football, swimming, camps, etc.

We want to help kids be active and reduce the obesity crisis threatening their life expectancy. We want kids to enjoy healthy lifestyles, and learn to be good teammates and good sports.

To date, more than 390 children and youth from economically disadvantaged families were assisted by Play to the Max last year!

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