Host an Event

Thinking about hosting a fundraising event for the Ottawa Senators Foundation? We rely on the public’s ongoing commitment and generosity in helping to raise fundraising dollars for our continued work with Roger Neilson House and our charitable organization. Individuals and organizations are raising thousands to help us invest in and fund programs that give children and youth access to sports and recreation, healthcare and education.

Community Events

Individuals, families, community groups, small businesses, corporations, employee groups and service clubs often plan fun social events to help raise money for a good cause. No event is too big or too small and we encourage people to turn their event into a great event by supporting the Ottawa Senators Foundation at the same time. Examples fundraising events include a golf tournaments, dinners, dances, auctions, bake sales, garage sales, raffles, and street hockey tournaments.Once you have decided on an event, please be sure to complete your Community Event Application and contact Caitlin Ridgeway.

By letting us know what you’re up to and officially registering your event with the Ottawa Senators Foundation we can help promote your event on our website and give you access to a variety of resources that will make event planning much easier.

For more information about hosting a community event for the Ottawa Senators Foundation,
please contact Caitlin Ridgeway at 613-599-0223.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our event listings page to learn more about community events taking place to support us. You can also visit the various pages on this site under Foundation Events to learn more about the kinds of events we host each year.

Under CRA Regulations charitable tax receipts can only be provided to the individual who directly donated the funds, and received no benefit in return (entry to event, food, recognition). Check out this poster to understand who the true donor is and when tax receipts can be issued.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation follows the guidelines that are set forth by the Canadian Revenue Agency. No exceptions can be made. Full names and mailing address with postal codes of those requesting tax receipts must be provided to the Ottawa Senators Foundation as soon as possible to ensure the timely issue of tax receipts.
In order to be receipted your donation must qualify as a gift. A gift is defined as a voluntary transfer of property without valuable consideration. To qualify as a gift, all three of the following conditions must be met:
  • Some property, either in the form of cash or a gift-in-kind, is transferred to a donor to a registered charity. (A gift-in-kind involves property other than cash, such as equipment, shares or land.)
  • The property is given voluntarily. The donor must not be obligated to part with the property, for instance    as the result if a larger contract or a court order.
  • The donor is transferring the property to the charity without expecting anything in return. No benefit of any kind may be provided to the donor or to anyone designated by the donor as a result of a gift.

If all required information and above requirements are met, the Ottawa Senators Foundation will issue a charitable tax receipt to the donor who provided the gift at your event.

Once your community event has been approved your will receive access to the Ottawa Senators Foundation and/or Roger Neilson House logos.

The applicant must submit examples of all material being produced for the event. Approval must be obtained prior to the use of the name and logo for both the Ottawa Senators Foundation and Roger Neilson House. Logos are available in color, black and white, French, English and bilingual versions.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation is able to feature Community Events on our website and list the event under “Community Events”.

Other promotional channels will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. The Ottawa Senators Foundation will determine the eligibility of events to receive Ottawa Senators merchandise on a case-by-case basis.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation is not able to assist with acquiring sponsorships for your community event, nor able to provide you with a listing of our sponsors to help leverage your event. In accordance with the privacy guidelines of Ottawa Senators Sports and Entertainment, the Ottawa Senators Foundation is not permitted to provide any mailing lists.

The applicant understands that the players of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club are not available to commit to attending community events and the Ottawa Senators Foundation will not submit requests.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation can assist with the application for a Spartacat appearance but cannot guarantee his attendance. Please remember there is a fee for a Spartacat visit and it will be the responsibility of the event applicant to cover the charge.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation is not responsible for the recruitment of volunteers for your community event.

We would be happy to assist you to secure as many volunteers for your event as possible through our channels and within a reasonable time frame.

Upon a review of your full event, the Ottawa Senators Foundation may be able to provide a staff member(s) to help with specific event day activities (auctions, payment centre, registration, etc.)