Ottawa Senators Foundation, Players, Coaches, Management, Fans, Partners and Owner raise over $300,000 for Tornado Relief

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OTTAWA –– On behalf of the Ottawa Senators players, coaches, management, fans, partners and owner; the Ottawa Senators Foundation today announced that through the GoFundMe campaign started on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018 – and a matching contribution of $100,000 by the Foundation – our community has raised over $340,000. The Ottawa Senators Foundation will use these funds to support two critically important aspects of the tornado relief effort: food security and mental health.

In addition to the remarkable generosity shown by all members of the Ottawa Senators family, the Foundation wishes to salute the leadership of the City of Ottawa, La Ville de Gatineau, Hydro Ottawa, Hydro Quebec, the Canadian Red Cross, the United Way of Ottawa, Centraide de l’Outaouais, Ottawa Food Bank, Moisson Outaouais, the Salvation Army and local Community Health and Resource Centres both for the efforts of their first responders, and their willingness to help guide the Foundation’s decision-making about how best to meet the immediate needs of the most vulnerable victims of last Friday’s tornados.

Based on extensive consultation with these parties, we have chosen to focus our contribution to the recovery effort on the immediate needs of economically disadvantaged, un-insured or under-insured members of the Ottawa and Gatineau communities affected by the tornados.

To this end, in the first phase of our funding drive, we will direct $200,000 in funding to providing Ottawa Senators Food Security Grants to local Food Banks in Gatineau and Ottawa. The next phase of our support will be focused on providing at least $140,000 to providing Ottawa Senators Mental Health Grants to local community resource centres working to provide counselling services to tornado victims in Gatineau and Ottawa.

Ottawa Senators Food Security Grants:

Based on our commitment to provide $200,000 in food security grants, our partners estimate that we will provide roughly $1M in market value of food to the 38,000 residents of Ottawa and the 8,000 residents of Gatineau who currently rely on the support of Food Banks for their sustenance.

Ottawa Senators Mental Health Grants:

Based on our commitment to provide at least $140,000 in mental health grants, our partners estimate that we will provide roughly 2,300 hours of counselling to individuals seeking psychological counselling services for the post-traumatic stress they are dealing with in the wake of the storm.

Impact Measurement and Accountability:

The Ottawa Senators Foundation will provide a detailed report on the impact of this donation on its recipients, by mid-December this year.

Donate to help support Tornado Relief Efforts:

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Article by Brad Weir