Thank you to our donors:

Angelo Guercioni

Alstom is proud to be part of this Ottawa community and to be able to join forces with other leaders to support the Shielding Heroes Campaign. We owe our greatest thanks to the frontline healthcare workers and the entire healthcare system that are working tirelessly to keep our community safe.

Dr. Anna-Theresa Lobos, Program Director for Critical Care at CHEO

I am truly grateful for the incredible teamwork and generosity of the Shielding Heroes campaign. As a mom to two little Ottawa Senators fans and a hockey fan myself, I am not surprised by the tremendous support of the Ottawa Senators Foundation.

From the first call, I was overwhelmed by the immediate commitment of Darcy Walsh, Brendan Bell, representatives from the Ottawa Senators Foundation and HP Canada to help health care providers obtain the appropriate personal protective equipment desperately needed during this pandemic.

The dedication, innovation and efficiency of this small group led to the launch of this incredible campaign only weeks later. I think I speak for all health care providers when I say that we are truly appreciative of this strong collaboration and commitment to keep us protected. Not only do we thank you, but our patients, friends, families and community thank you for keeping us safe.

Shawn and Louise Malholtra

The Malhotra Family Foundation is proud to support the Shield Program to help protect front-line healthcare workers in Ottawa. During these unprecedented times, it is even more important to come together as a community to support those who have put themselves at the forefront of our global health crisis.  We hope this equipment saves lives and speeds recovery.  Thank you from our family to yours.

Darcy Walsh

Ottawa is so lucky to have world class hospitals and frontline care givers and the contribution they make daily to our community. We must be thankful to have health care Facilities like CHEO, the GENERAL and The Heart Institute right in our very own back yard.  It’s a no brainer for us as a community to come together to make sure our health care heroes have the equipment they need and deserve as they can take care of us during this challenging time.

Dr. Lobos and I would like to thank the many friends who answered the call. Without the support of these community leaders, this project could not have got off the ground.

Brendan Bell

Kevin Pidgeon and Kirk Hoppner

Shawn and Louise Malhotra

Fiona Mckean and Tobi Lutke

Angelo Guercioni

Wayne Liko

Danielle Robinson and the entire Ottawa Senators Foundation.

To the this crew Dr. Logos and I say


If we want to make our city a better place, we must all do our part to take care of Ottawa and our people.

Wayne Liko

I kept thinking about how I could have a direct impact in my community. Staying at home and physical distancing has been my small contribution but was so easy compared to what all the front line workers are doing. When I connected with Darcy, it just seemed like the obvious right thing to do; help protect those that are putting themselves at risk to help our community. We will need to get through this together so I hope my participation demonstrates that we all have a role to play.

Mary Ann Yule

HP is committed to doing everything we can as a company to support response efforts during these unprecedented times. These values have long guided HP – and we remain committed to the well-being of the communities we serve. This is why we have mobilized our 3D Printing team and HP’s Digital Manufacturing Partner Network to design, validate and produce essential parts for medical responders and hospitals right here in Ontario. Together we will overcome this challenge.

Kevin Pidgeon

Having spent the best part of the last 3 decades in Seniors Housing Development, Nautical Lands Group has a tremendous admiration and respect for our front line health care workers. As a result, Kirk Hoppner and I were very happy to be able to support the “Shielding Heroes Campaign”Providing life-saving PPE , to our front line Health care workers.

Fiona McKean and Tobi Lütke

Tobi and I are committed to accelerating and improving COVID-19 research and the domestic supply chain for PPE in Canada. That's why we are proud to support the Shielding Heroes Campaign goal of delivering life-saving PPE equipment for frontline healthcare workers in and around Ottawa.


Help us to raise funds to produce 40,000+
PPE Face Shield Frames & 120,000 Face Shields for frontline healthcare workers throughout the region for the next 12 weeks. Read more about the campaign below.


The goal of the SHIELDING HEROES Campaign is to raise $500,000. Thanks to the generosity of the following donors we’ve already reached $250,000: Alstom, Claridge Homes, Edelman, HP Canada, Horizant Solutions, Nautical Lands Group,  Thistledown Foundation and the Ottawa Senators Foundation.