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Did you know that more than one in five local kids don’t have access to after-school sports, recreation or social programs? The Ottawa Senators Foundation has made a commitment to change this statistic by investing in facilities and programs designed to reach this group.


Lack of physical activity among Canadian children and youth is at crisis proportions. A child’s overall physical activity level is linked to physical and mental health, maintenance of a healthy body weight, academic performance, motor skill development, and physical literacy.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club have committed to build 20 SENS RINKS giving children and families access to year-round activities including hockey, skating, ball hockey, basketball, lacrosse in addition to community activities of all kinds. These outdoor recreational facilities will provide easily accessible recreation and sport opportunities for communities within Ottawa, Gatineau and other areas across the region.

The Ottawa Senators Foundation’s SENS RINKS program will enable hundreds of kids and families to have a place in their community to get active, establish healthy routines and provide access to programs and activities that otherwise would have been out of reach.


With the objective of self-development through constructive group activity, the Sens Sports and Leadership League provides Boys & Girls Club members immersion in social activity, education, teamwork and leadership.

  • Ottawa’s only no-fee, year-round competitive athletic league.
  • Free transportation for participants to and from games – transportation is a major barrier to lower income families participating in organized sports.
  • More than 880 members from 18 neighbourhoods will participate in up to four sports with each season lasting approximately 15 games, resulting in 12,500 person games played.
  • Members participate in four sports: Ball hockey, basketball, soccer and “Walk This Way”, a walking program that allows participants to log their miles while walking to landmarks throughout the city.


In partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the City of Ottawa the I Love to Skate Program aids communities where children may encounter barriers to physical activity opportunities due to financial constraints or a lack of volunteer support in the community.

The program is free of charge, ice skates and hockey helmets along with four weeks of recreational skating lessons at several of the City’s 244 outdoor rinks. This year, more than 500 children, aged six to 12 years, from 31 local neighborhoods participated in the I Love to Skate program.


Since partnering in 2010, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and city of Ottawa have assisted more than 1,700 children receive skates, helmet and skating lessons through the I Love to Skate program.

The SENS Campership Program enables children and youth, aged 4 to 17, from 36 communities in eastern Ontario and 10 communities in western Quebec the opportunity to attend camp this summer.

The 2018 SENS CAMPERSHIPS program will provide funding to charitable organizations with a successful history of providing summer camp experiences to children and youth from low-income families were invited to apply for grants. Organizations with summer camp delivery as part of their core business as well as a proven record of camp programming resulting in campers increased self-confidence, personal development, physical activity, nutritional awareness, teamwork, leadership and fair play skills.

The 2016 SENS CAMPERSHIPS program partners include:

      • Banff Avenue Community House and Blair Court Community House (day camp)
      • Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa & Camp Smitty (residential camp)
      • Camp Misquah (residential camp)
      • Christie Lake Kids & Christie Lake Camp (residential camp)
      • City of Ottawa City Champions’ Camp (day camp)
      • City of Ottawa Youth Sports Camp (day camp)
      • City of Ottawa Sens Brookies Camp (day camp)
      • Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton in Quyon, Quebec (residential camp)
      • YMCA of Brockville (day camp)
      • YMCA of Kingston (day camp)
      • Smiths Falls Summer Fun Camp at Gerry Lowe SENS RINK
      • Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre Recreation Therapy Summer Camp (day camp)


Camp Smitty powered by Ottawa Senators Foundation

About the camp: Camp Smitty, proudly operated by the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, offers a beautiful lakefront setting, a fantastic staff team, and dynamic programs for campers 8-16 yrs old.  Since 1924, the camp has built a reputation as a highly respected program. They provide exceptional camp experiences for hundreds of young people each summer.


The camp staff sets them apart. Led by an impressive group of dedicated people who genuinely care, they create a safe and fun environment offering parents peace of mind, and allowing kids to have the time of their life.

Type of camp: Residential
Charitable Organization Delivering Camp: Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
SENS Session Dates: July 13 – 23, 2015
Camper Geography: Ottawa, Cornwall, Kingston, Brockville
Age of Campers: 8-16
Camp length (days): 10
Number of Participants: 90

Their programs focus on the development of:


  • Physical Health
  • Self-Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Social Skills
  • Personal Growth
  • Positive Values

Christie Lake Camp powered by Ottawa Senators Foundation

About the camp: Christie Lake Camp has been in operation since 1922, making it one of the oldest summer camps in Ontario. The camp is specifically designed to meet the needs of children living in poverty, and emphasizes the development of physical and social skills. Our “Transformative Recreation” approach to delivering programs builds protective factors for children in regards to …


self-regulation, self-efficacy, positive relationships, adult monitoring and social skills. In working through the program, children and youth find they have accomplished new tasks and built skills they never thought were possible. By the end of the session, each child has several awards to show off and feels a true sense of positive accomplishment. Disadvantaged youth at Christie Lake Camp learn that they can succeed, and they take this improved self-image back to their activities in the city.

Type of camp: Residential
Charitable Organization Delivering Camp: Christie Lake Kids
SENS Session Dates: July 31 – August 11, 2015
Camper Geography: Ottawa
Age of Campers: 8-13
Camp length (days): 12
Number of Participants: 125

The Core Skills of Christie Lake Camp:


  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Camp Craft
  • Naturelore
  • Arts and Drama
  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Leadership

Youth Sports Camp powered by Ottawa Senators Foundation & Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Description: The vision for the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department (PRCS) is to build a healthy, inclusive, vibrant and creative City.  PRCS is responsible for the programming offered through municipally funded sports and recreation facilities and the promotion of healthy and active living within its municipal boundaries.


In respect of summer camps, PRCS’ mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to all participants, staff and volunteers.

This program will introduce and instruct participants aged 11 – 16 years in two sports per week.  Participants will be instructed in True Sport values, sport leadership principles and competencies, provided with opportunities and encouraged to assume a leadership role through various in–program and at least one after hours community-focused activity per week which youth will plan with appropriate staff support.  Local transportation via walking, riding, the use of public transit to various indoor/outdoor facilities within the Bayshore/Britannia Park area, will be arranged and supervised by staff, depending on the specific sports which are the focus in a given week and the need for shelter, access to kitchen facilities.   Each week, the youth will travel to a location, which may involve chartered school bus, to put their new found skills in one of the sports to the test such as a higher quality sports field, enhanced tennis facility, or, athletic facility.  The weekly out-trip will also include a supervised aquatic activity.  Subject to available funding/youth interest, an over-night camping trip could also be included as part of the week’s activities.

Type of camp: Day
Charitable Organization Delivering Camp: City of Ottawa Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department
SENS Session Dates: July 20 – Aug 14, 2015
Camper Geography: Ottawa
Age of Campers: 11 to 16 years
Camp length (days): (1) 4 day camp and (3) five day camps, total of 19 days
Number of Participants: 80

City Champions’ Camp powered by the Ottawa Senators Foundation & Canadian Tire Jumpstart

About the camp: This day camp program will focus on introducing participants aged 6 – 12 years to fundamental movement skills, introduction to various sports, instructional and recreational aquatic activities, and, a variety of other camp activities making use primarily of a cluster of facilities in the Lower town neighborhood.


The intent is to enhance the participant’s sense of community and pride based on the wonderful facilities in their own neighbourhood.  Each week of camp could be developed around key themes that demonstrate the diversity of the neighbourhood’s assets:   ie. Week 1- Sports; Week 2 – Arts/Culture; Week 3 – Healthy Eating; Week 4 – Respect for the Environment.

Type of camp: Day
Charitable Organization Delivering Camp: City of Ottawa Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department
SENS Session Dates: June 29 – July 24, 2015
Camper Geography: Ottawa
Age of Campers: 6 to 12 years
Camp length (days): (1) four day camp and (3) five day camps, total of 19 days
Number of Participants: 120

Tim Horton Summer Camps

About the camp: The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation is a national, not-for-profit organization committed to providing enriching camp experiences that develop lifelong skills for children and youth from low-income families.

The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Summer Camp Program offers a once-in-a-life time opportunity for economically disadvantaged children aged 9-12 to attend summer camp. Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners work with local youth agencies and schools to find qualified children for each session.


For many campers, this will be the first time they try many of these activities. They will also meet new friends, challenge themselves and learn that when they apply themselves, they can achieve great things.

Type of camp: Residential
Charitable Organization Delivering Camp: Tim Horton Children’s Foundation
Number of Participants & Geography: 338 kids from 36 communities in eastern Ontario and 10 communities in western Quebec will attend one of these Tim Horton camp locations:

  • Tim Horton Children’s Camp in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia (residential camp)
  • Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton in Quyon, Quebec (residential camp)
  • Tim Horton Memoria Camp in Parry Sound, Ontario (residential camp)
  • Tim Horton Onondaga Farms in  St. George, Ontario (residential camp)
  • Tim Horton Camp Whiteshell in Pinawa, Manitoba (residential camp)

Age of Campers: 9-17
Camp length (days): 10-12 days

The Ottawa Senators Foundation would like to recognize funding received in support of its new SENS Campership Program by long time community leaders and partners, Canadian Tire Jumpstart and Tremblant’s 24h Foundation. These organizations and their supporters are as passionate as the Ottawa Senators Foundation are about empowering children and youth to reach their full potential by having them engaged in social recreation activities that promote both physical and mental wellness.

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